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You are now entering the magical world of Chansey's Castle!  As everyone knows, Chansey is the cutest Pokemon ever (besides her new evolved form, Blissey!)  This website is my little sanctuary to cute lil' Chansey and Blissey.  And, since Nurse Joy is so closely related to Chansey/Blissey, there's stuff about HER, too!  There's much to do here, so you shouldn't be leaving too soon, if you're a true Chansey fan.  Enjoy! ^-^


               CHANSEY STUFF                                BLISSEY STUFF
Chansey's Bio
Chansey's Appearances
Chansey Game Appearances
Chansey HM/TM List
Chansey Screenshots
Chansey Short Story and Literature by me
Chansey Coloring Book
My Own Chansey Art
Chansey Toys
Chansey Cards
Chansey's Attacks
Adopt-A-Chansey Agency
Blissey's Bio
Blissey's Appearances
Blissey Game Appearances
Blissey HM/TM List
Blissey Screenshots
Blissey Coloring Book
My Own Blissey Art
Blissey Toys
Blissey Cards
Blissey's Attacks
Adopt-A-Blissey Agency
Nurse Joy Bio
Nurse Joy Toys
Game Pokecenter List
Nurse Joy Screenshots
My Own Nurse Joy Art

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