Chansey Short Story and Literature by Me!!

Short Stories


    One day, Chansey was walking in the Viridian Forest looking for some Rainbow Berries for her restaraunt's special: Rainbow Berry Pie, when she came to the tree of which the best-tasting Rainbow Berries in the whole forest grew.  To her surprise, it was gone!!  You couldn't tell it was ever there, except for its stump, which was s till standing in the ground.

    Chansey looked around and noticed that many of the other ainbow Berry Trees were missing
too!  Chansey became very worried.  Chansey needed at lest 987 rainbow berries to satisfy every Pokemon in the forest, for all of them ate her pies like mad.  Chansey was also worried because she could not get that amount from the 11 rainbow trees standing out of the 700 that used to stand tall and proud among the residents of the forest, for each  tree can only produce 25 berries each summer.
    "Oh, what can I do now?" said the worried and now sobbing Chansey, "Without these berries I can't satisfy everyone in the forest, and not satisfying everyone can mean that I may lose customers for the summer, and without those customers, I may not be able to have enough money to pay bills and for food!"
    Chansey sobbed some more, but she stopped, for she heard a sweet, gentle voice saying, "It's all right."
    Chansey looked up and saw the most beautiful bird you could ever imagine.  It was blue with long, slender wings and tail.
    It spoke again, "Hello.  I am the Articuno, the one-of-a-kind legendary bird Pokemon.  I heard your story and I know of the only other rainbow berry patch in the world.  I was traveling from the Seafoam Islands, for I travel around the world, seeing all the different sights and Pokemon there are to see.  Actually, I even met a tribe of some very kind Pokemon called the Hapinasu, and they look surprisingly a lot like you!"
    "Oh,"Chansey started,"You must have met my evolved form!"
    "I thought I remembered them tell me they evolved from something else that lived over on this continent,"said Articuno," Anyway, would you like it if I escorted you over to the other rainbow berry patch on the other side of this continent?  I am very fast and it will probably only take 20 minutes."
    "I wouldn't have ever thought there was such a quick way of transportation anywhere on Earth!  Of course I'll come!"
    "Hop on my back and hold on tight!  I'll carry the baskets in my mouth.  Come on, let's go."
    And with that, they were off.  20 minutes later they arrived somewhere along the way to the long abandoned power plant where Articuno's relative Zapdos lived.  Chansey was very happy that Articuno was so kind as to help her and said that she would give it a free dinner at her restaraunt, but Articuno said that it would not like to be seen in public, for trainers would try to capture it.
    By evening, Chansey had enough berries to make her pies, and she flew back to the forest.
    "Good bye,"Chansey said as she waved good bye to her new friend.
    Then Chansey walked back to the path that led to her restaraunt when she heard Articuno say, "Here, take this Ice Whistle.  You can use it whenever you need my help getting somewhere far away."And with that, Articuno was gone.
    Chansey had a good summer (as usual) at her restaraunt and was always very happy to have a friend like Articuno.



The Missing Chansey Prince
(NOTE:When I made this poem, I didn't realize that Chanseys were always female!!)

Deep in the Great Forest of Pokemonland,
There lives a creature that's truly grand.

Chansey's her name and she's won much fame
For saving the day in a time of great pain.

The Chansey Prince could not be found
In the castle or its grounds!

The Chanseys in town were very scared
That the prince went where no one else dared.

What if he were lost, or worse:
An evil mind put him under a curse?

A very brave Chansey decided to look
For the prince someone could've took.

She set off with only a shield in hand
To protect from the evil of the land.

Out of the town and deep into the woods,
She came upon a merchant with goods.

"Weapons on sale,"he said real fast,
"Buy them now; these deals won't last!"

Chansey decided she needed a blade
So that SHE wouldn't be the one to be slayed.

She gave him his pay and went off ahead,
To the part of the forest that she did dread.

She came to a chasm before long,
And then she heard someone singing a song!

The tune being sung was very well-known
As the "Song of Rescue", which she learned in a tome.

Despite her vertigo, she looked down the pit...
To discover the prince at the bottom of it!

"Help me!" he pleaded, "for I have fallen!"
"Ohh...And my foot is O',so swollen!"

Chansey started to climb down,
Until she finally reached the ground.

"Thank you!" he said in pure delight,
But all was not over, for she saw a light.

It transformed into a hideous beast
Who was looking at Chansey, as if she was a feast!

"You've stolen my dinner,"it did say.
Then it took out a club, ready to slay!

It said, "You now will dearly have to pay!"
But Chansey was not going to run away!

With her sword drawn, she slashed with all her might
At the creature of great fright.

It fell in an instant, lifeless and dead;
She had saved the prince from an untimely end!

Chansey helped him out of the hole,
And back into the royal castle.

"Thank you,"said the king,"How can I repay you?"
Chansey replied,"Oh, Sir, there is no need to!"

"You thwarted the monster's plan,"he said,
"If you hadn't my son woluld surely be dead!"

"So accept my reward, O' kind one."
She did and boy was it great fun!

Chansey was not only a hero to all,
But now had a pile of money 10 feet tall!

But even greater was when the prince came.
He started to say,"O' great Dame,"

And ended ,"Will you please marry me?"
Chansey was happy and accepted with glee.

So then she became the next queen of the village,
And kept the Chanseys safe from fires, floods, and pillage.