What Is Princess Maker?
Princess Maker is a very popular Japanese series of child-rearing simulations where you take care of Little Girls in fantasy worlds.  Though it is very popular in America, too, the companies haven't brought a single one over.  Thank god for emulators! ^_^
In Princess Maker, you can have your child work, go to school, take vacations, go shopping, and until recently, go on adventures and fight monsters.  Each game has its own little secrets to discover.  One of my favorite features is dressing her up in all the clothing!
Once your virtual daughter turns eighteen, she has an ending which can vary from a princess to a dressmaker to a thug! It's all up to how you took care of her.  There's plenty of replay value to keep you playing over and over again.
Hopefully the series will hit our shores soon, along with another of my favorite Japanese series, Angelique.