Princess Maker 
Pocket Daisakusen

Character Selection Screen
There are many characters you can battle as or against, but in story mode, you can only play as Maria, Olive, and Lisa. Poor Melody Blue, once again omitted from a PM game...
This may be a little longer load, but there are many pics.


maria lindburg faces

hip hip hooray! look pa, no hands!!! maria sore sport maria screen maria maria screams marias winning


olive oyl

blushing olive olive is cool man! now that's one baaddd headache poor olive


lisa not happy smiling lisa lisa's a crybaby happy lisa

uzu faces

i'm falling! uzu in midair uzu dazed uzu screen uzu sitting in midair uzu takes flight
yay! Uzu is DEAD!


Cube faces are the cutest!

cube Cube and his book Cube Screen Cube is cool Cute Cube

Anita Cassandra
The many faces of Anita

Anita Cassandra Anita isready to battle! Anita kamikaze

Wendy Lachesis
wendy face

wendy spell wendy blows kiss wendy lachesis wendy oh my! wendy scares me sometimes... peace man! wendy loses wendy super spell!

Patricia Hearn

patricias faces

Patricia patricia head patricia's mad patricia with rose

Marthia Shareware
Marthia cuts veggies with her knife! marthia cries marthia gasps marthia shareware marthia marthia smiley marthia sad

Faery Queen
The faces of the faery queen

Faery Queen Faery Queen looks sad Faery Queen back Faery Queen Faerie Queen Rainbowy

Mole Prince

moley faces

mole rules! mole in distress poor mole the mole prince i surrender mole mole ruling! mole's throwing in the shovel do the mole!

Ket Shi

The faces of Cait Sith

Ket Shi Cat Prince Cat Prince scratchy kitty kitty dance! crazy kitty guess what? what? kitty butt! silly kitty

???green woman thing...

Green Bug Lady Faces

Green Bug Woman Bug Woman Dead Green Woman Green Bug Woman weird Green Woman green woman


The many faces of Ariel

Rival Ariel Ariel is falling back Ariel goes hiya!!!! Ariel goin crazy with her sword Ariel wields her wooden sword! Ariel

charmy faces

Charmy Charmy laughing hysterically Charmy is not very happy right now Charmy again ESP is da bomb!


humming faces

humming pick nose humming humming fell down o my head! humming really does remind me of FF 6 Terra humming SHINY!!!!!!!! Twirly Girly


Cheery Faces

Cheery Cheery should not read books so close to her face Cheery again Wow! It's a HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheery happy

The Prince

prince's faces

where'd the horse come from? hey, you're to young to have a heart attack! the prince of the kingdom caped prince prince is winning prince prince is cute

His Page Thingy
The page that lives in the palace?

Dragon Youth

the many faces of the dragon youth

Dragon go ROAR! his hand is in a rather odd area dontcha think? o_0 silly dragon youth umm-its the dragon youth drago prince screen The Dragon youth! Dragon Youth d youth yup--he's lost it