Princess Maker 
Pocket Daisakusen

In this game the endings you get are all with the princes, or the pictures in which you beat Uz and Cube for each girl.  Olive has a very special ending with Cube.
Maria dancing in a field of flowers  Maria marries the Mole Prince! aww...  Maria wins the prince's heart
MARIA LINDBURG (Umm--I think that's how you spell it ^^' )
Olive with flowers in her hair  Olive marries the mole prince  Olive marrying the handsome prince!  YAY! Olive marries Cube! Yah, I guess Cube is my fave PM guy! :)
OLIVE OYL (Poor girl, being named after a Popeye character and all! ^^)
Lisa enjoying her victory  Lisa marries the prince of the moles!  Lisa getting carried away by her prince
Something you should know is that there IS a gallery, but you have to go to the Options screen before turning the game off and save there for some reason, otherwise it won't remember them. But just being able to get the Cube ending makes it worth it! ;)