Princess Maker 3

At the start of the game, you can choose which occupation you want.  Depending on the job, you gain a different annual pension, and your daughter has different attributes that will help you gain different endings.

The income gained depends on the economy of the time.  Quick wits are important for successful business.  Your daughter will nherit great intelligence.

Declined Aristocrat
Live on a pension from the Palace.  Proud spirit and Elegance are inherited from you.

Retired Knight
Live on a pension.  Courage and Martial Arts skills are to be found in your daughter.

Traveling Monk
Your job is to travel from town to town, listening to and preaching the ways of God.  High morals and compassion can be found in your daughter.

Traveling Performer
There are ups and downs in your income, but your daughter will have a rich artistic ability.

Due to not having a regular job, there is no regular income.  Your daughter may grow to be strong and independant.

Also, depending on YOUR occupation, the house will contain different decor.