Princess Maker 2

Every October there is a Festival in which you can participate against your rivals and try to win fame and money.
You can enter in any of these tournaments:

Try to beat your opponents in battle.
No requirements, but you should be well-equipped.
The Grand Prize is 3000G
Try to obtain the best armor possible to win.

Try to make the best meal.
No requirements, but try to work a lot at Balbon's.
The Grand Prize is 3000G

Paint the winning picture.
You must have made a painting in Art class to submit.  The more you attend Art class, the better the painting you make.
The Grand Prize is a whopping 4000G!

The most elegant girl will win.
You must have a "fancier" dress, such as Elegant Dress.
The Grand Prize is 3000G.
You are more likely to win with  the most expensive dresses, and also ones you obtained in events.