Princess Maker 1
These are all the jobs available to you at the beginnning of the game.
Hotel Maid
Church Worker
Wood Cutter

Hotel $8

Eleanor the Innkeeper needs your daughter's help to run her inn.
Armory $9

Galeck the Armorer needs help at his Smith shop.
Church $1

The Preist needs help at his church at his low-paying job.
Writer $9

Murasi the author wants your help in writing texts and books.
Lumberjack $15

Satomichi the Lumberjack could use help at his lumbermill.

At 11 years old, you can work at the
Hospital $10

The Doctor wants your help at his hospital, if your daughter can stand the blood.

And at 12, you can work as a
Maid $?
Builder $?