One of the many RPG-like aspects (in case you don't know, RPG stands for "Role-Playing Game.") in Go!Go!Princess! is the fact that it has a battle system.  While trying to reach the assigned goal, you may end up fighting a monster, a rival, or another playing character!  You don't have to battle, but you lose a turn afterward if you decide to flee.  However, I don't think you lose a turn if you flee from battling another character.  You can encounter monsters either in events on assigned landmerks or random exclamation point spaces.  You can battle another playing character if you land on the exact same space as them.  You can battle a rival after you take your first class.  However, this doesn't work with some classes.  I've only had 2 different rivals, Anita and Wendy.  After your first Magic class, you can battle Wendy; after your first Fencing class, you can battle Anita.  I'm not sure anymore if Patricia is a rival in this game, like in Princess Maker 2, because after playing through the game 37 times, she's still never become my rival; I've only seen her at the Arena landmark.  Another Princess Maker 2 rival that I haven't had be a rival in Go!Go!Princess! is Marthia; I've never seen her at all in this game, as a matter of fact!  Well anyway, I think that there are only 2 different rivals in this game.  Another thing about battling: If you lose to a monster in battle, you are sent back to your home (the space you started the game on.), but if you lose to a rival or another playing character, you just lose a turn.
Anyways, this is my little gallery of pictures from some of the battles I've fought recently. They're divided up into many little sections for faster loading time.  I hope you have fun! ^-^


KOed Monsters (Funny)
Attacks and Injured People
The Battlefield

On exclamation points outside of the city, you may encounter monsters. You can choose to battle or to run away.  Running away causes you to lose a turn.

When you go into battle you are presented with the menu in the pic just above.  The top option lets you attack with your equipped weapon, the second option lets you cast your character's special spell, and the third option lets you use an item.  Only certain items may be used in battle.  I'm not sure of which ones yet, though.
After choosing your form of attack, then you watch randomly generated dice appear.  If your dice is lower than the opponent's dice, you get hurt, and vice versa.  If you both have the same dice numbers, then neither of you get hurt.
You keep repeating this process until one of you gets K.O.ed, when your HP gauge is empty. You may also win or lose when time runs out and you have the most or least amount of HP left.