MR2 Zuum Monster CD List
Rock Saurian: #114
Only Rock 'N Roll--1985-1989
Hachiro: #119
Encarta 96 (PC)
Gameshark 3.4 CD (PC)
Gameshark CD (PSX)
Creata Card Gold (PC)
People PC CD (PC)
Electronic Arts--Fantasy Pack (PC)
Dogz 3 (PC)
Catz 3 (PC)
Boot Disc Two--October 1996 (PC)
The Adventures of Willy Beamish (PC)
Sand Saurian: #122
B-52's --Time Capsule
Wood Saurian: #126
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (PSX)
Fushiginikunino Angelique (PSX JAPANESE)
The Pretenders--Learning To Crawl
Shell Saurian: #129
The Beatles--Past Masters--Volume 1