MR2 Suezo Monster CD List

Melon Suezo: #250
The Timetables of Technology (PC)
Star Ocean--Disk 2 (PSX)
Saga Frontier (PSX)
Final Fantasy VIII--Disk 3 (PSX)
Harukanaru Tokino Nakade (PSX JAPANESE)
American Girls Premiere--Disk 2 (PC)
Deathgate (PC)
Pokemon--Play It (PC)
RPG Maker (PSX)
Angelique Tenkuno Requiem (PSX JAPANESE)
Gabriel Knight:The Beast Within--Disk 3 (PC)
Gabriel Knight:The Beast Within--Disk 4 (PC)
Gabriel Knight:The Beast Within--Disk 5 (PC)
Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle Games (PC)
Catz 2 (PC)
Dogz 2 (PC)
Creata Card Gold 4--Disk 2 (PC)
AOL Version 6.0 (PC)
MNS 5.1 (PC) Demo Disk (PC)
The Realm (PC)
Pokemon Gold and Silver Internet Browser (PC)
Sierra Ultra 3-D Pinball (PC)
1999 World Book (PC)
Microsoft Works--Version 4.5 (PC)
Pokemon Project Studio--Red Version (PC)
Microsoft Windows 95--Upgrade (PC)
Under A Killing Moon--Disk 1 (PC)
Escape From Monkey Island--Disk 2 (PC)
CD-ROM Today--The Disc! #23--May 1996 (PC)
PC Gamer--Disk 2.11--December 1996 (PC)
PC Gamer--Disk 2.10--November 1996 (PC)
Interaction Plus--Spring 98--Bonus CD (PC)
The New Prodigy--1995 (PC)
Microsoft Windows 95--Companion (PC)
Time Almanac--Reference Edition--1994 (PC)
The Sims--Livin' Large Expansion Pack (PC)

Horn: #251
Goblin's Quest 3 (PC)

Orion: #253
Helicon--The Titan

Green Suezo: #256
Folk Rock Classics--30 Years of Great Folk Hits--Disk 2

Fly Eye: #258
Jewel--You Were Meant For Me

Sueki Suezo: #264
Monster Rancher (PSX)