MR2 Pixie Monster CD List
Daina: #2
Classic Rock/1964--Shakin' All Over
Bye Bye Birdie Movie Soundtrack (Remake)
Jilt: #4
Classic Rock/1964
The Even More Incredible Machine (PC)
Granity: #5
Wild Arms (PSX)
Neon Genesis Evangelion:Iron Maiden--Disk B (SATURN JAPANESE)
Quicken Deluxe '98--Upgrade (PC)
Endarta 98--Disk 2 (PC)
Lords of the Realm 2 (PC)
Imagination!--Version 2.4.46 (PC)
King's Quest--Collector's Edition--Disk 2 (PC)
Sherlock Holmes--Consulting Detective--Volume 1, Version 3 (PC)
EA Kids Eagle Eye Mysteries--The Original (MS-DOS) (PC)
SimFarm--SimCity's Country Cousin (PC)
Dixie: #6
Lost In Time (PC)
Janne: #7
Microsoft Games Sampler 2 for Windows 95 (PC)
Mint: #8
Classic Rock/1966--Shakin' All Over
Lepus: #9
Official U.S. Playstation Magazine--May 2001 (PSX)
Kitten: #11
Lunar:Silver Star STory--Disk 2 (PSX)
Futurity: #13
The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain (PC)
Vanity: #14
Majora's Mask Soundtrack Collection--Disk 1
SoundBlaster Multimedia Upgrade Kit--Master Disk with Windows 3.1 (PC)
Dryad: #18
Revolutionary Girl Utena--Disk 1 (SATURN JAPANESE)
Mia: #25
Shania Twain--The Woman in Me