MR2 Mocchi Monster CD List

Manna: #273
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PSX)
Today's Biggest Country
Compton's New Media--Sample This! (PC)

Draco Mocchi: #274
Folk Rock Classics:30 Years of Great Folk Hits--Disk 4

Knight Mocchi: #275
Phantasmagoria--Disk 4 (PC)
Phantasmagoria--Disk 6 (PC)
The 3-D Adventures of Sailor Moon (PC)
How To Draw The Marvel Way (PC)
Sim Theme Park (PC)
Putt Putt Goes To The Moon (PC)
Microsoft Bookshelf (PC)
Mixed Up Mother Goose (Blue Disk) (PC)
Vagrant Story (PSX)
Chrono Cross--Disk 2 (PSX)
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue--Disk 1 (PSX)
The San Diego Zoo Presents...The Animals! (PC)
Casefinder--Virginia Edition (PC)
Print Artist--Version 4.0 (PC)
Angelique Trois (PS2 JAPANESE)
Classic Rock/1964:The Beat Goes On
K-Tel--60's Jukebox Favorite
Ricky Martin--Ricky Martin
Space Quest VI (PC)
SoftKey: Morph Studio (PC)
Under A Killing Moon--Disk 3 (PC)
EA Kids--Eagle Eye Mysteries: In London (PC)
Compuserve CD--February/March 1995 (PC)
PC Magazine CD--Fall 1995 (PC)
Boot Disc--HTML Tool Kit (PC)
CD-Rom Today--The Disc! #16--October 1995 (PC)
CD-Rom Today--The Disc! #17--November 1995 (PC)
CD-Rom Today--The Disc! #24--June 1996 (PC)
CD-Rom Today--The Disc! #25--July 1996 (PC)
PC Gamer--Disk 2.3--April 1996 (PC)
Boot Disk Four--December 1996 (PC)
Nickelodeon Director's Lab--Version 1 (PC)
Space Quest--Collector's Edition (PC)
Microsoft Bookshelf '94 (PC)
The Sims (PC)

Fake Penguin: #276
Hanson--Middle of Nowhere

Nyankoro: #277
Tales of Destiny (PSX)

Mocchi: #278
Monster Rancher 2 (PSX)
New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (PC)

Hell Pierrot: #279
The Craft Soundtrack
Nancy Griffith--Flyer
VH-1: The Big 80's
King's Quest VI (PC)

Gelatine: #280
Clint Black--The Greatest Hits
The Monkees--Hear Me Now