MR2 Jell Monster CD List

Pink Jam: #296
Classic Rock--Creedence Clearwater Revival

Wall Mimic: #297
Classic Rock--Rock Rennaissance II

Scaled Jell: #298
Compton's 3-D World Atlas--1998 Edition (PC)
Hello Kitty/Keroppi/Cartoon Toolbox (PC)
Harvest Moon: Back To Nature (PSX)
Gabriel Knight: THe Beast Within--Disk 2 (PC)
Creata Card Gold 4--Disk 1 (PC)
Shanghai--Greatest Moments (PC)
PC Magazine CD--Fall 1996

Icy Jell: #299
Hello Kitty: White Present (PSX JAPANESE)

Eye Jell: #302
Angelique Special (PSX JAPANESE)

Clay: #305
Grease:Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Purple Jell: #307
U.S. Playstation Magazine--April 2001 (PSX)