MR2 Henger Monster CD List
Gaia: #69
Blockbuster Movies--2nd Edition (PC)
Legend of Mana (PSX)
American Girls Premiere--Disk 1 (PC)
Angelique Duet (PSX JAPANESE)
PC Magazine--Choose Your 200 (PC)
Disney Interactive--CD-Rom Sampler--Volume III (PC) CD (PC)
Betrayal In Antara--Disk 3 (PC)
Softkey:Key Clip Art 25,000 (PC)
Microsoft--Ancient Lands (PC)
Creatures (PC)
PC Magazine CD--Spring 1996 (PC)
Omega: #70
Breath of Fire IV (PSX)
Black Henger: # 74
Nanci Griffith--The MCA Years--A Retrospective