MR2 Hare Monster CD List

Scaled Hare: #182
Shivers (PC)
Echo Lake (PC)
D--Playable Demo (PC)
AMerican Greetings--Art and More Store 2 (PC)
Exploring Ancient Architecture (PC)

Hare: #184
Lunar: Silver Star Story--Disk 2 (PSX JAPANESE)

Prince Hare: #185
Reader's Digest--Folk Rock Classics: 30 Years of Greatest Hits

Four Eyed: #186
The Making of Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete (PSX)
PC Gamer--Disk 2.6--July 1996

Jelly Hare: #187
VH-1: More of the Big 80's

Evil Hare: #189
1962 Billboard--Top Rock 'N Roll Hits
Classic Rock/1967--Shakin' All Over

Wild Hare: #190
Etude Prologue (SATURN JAPANESE)
Martina McBride--Emotion

Purple Hare: #191
Shania Twain--Come On Over