MR2 Gaboo Monster CD List

Frozen Gaboo: #291
Rock of the 80's--Volume 12
Joe Diffie--Life's So Funny

Dokoo: #292
Garth Brooks--In Pieces
Classic Rock/1969--The Beat Goes On
Bruce Springsteen--Greatest Hits
BMG Music--Hot Summer Sounds

Gaboo: #293
Companions Of Xanth (PC)
Chocobo Racing (PSX)
Lunar 2:Eternal Blue Complete--Music Soundtrack (PSX)
Dance Dance Revolution (PSX JAPANESE)
Tamagotchi Park (SATURN JAPANESE)
Traveling Wilburys--Volume 1
Suzy Bogguss--Aces
Classic Rock--Rock Rennaissance
Classic Rock/1969
Arena Rock--Volume 3
Linda Ronstadt--Greatest Hits--Volume II
Mindspring 4.0 (PC)
The Future is Now--Electronic Arts Sampler Disk (PC)
K-Tel/Today's Hit Country 1996
Compaq Presario Emergency Recover CD (PC)
Infocom--The Comedy Collesction (PC)
Infocom--The Sci-Fi Collection (PC)
Infocom--The Fantasy Collection (PC)
Pizza Tycoon (PC)
PC Gamer--Disk 2.8--September 1996 (PC)
Orbits 3.0 (PC)
Krazy Kavey (PC)
Sim Tower--The Vertical Empire (PC)
Sim Coaster--Bonus Disk (PC)

Jelly Gaboo: #294
Gordon Lightfoot--Gord's Gold
Iris DeMent--Infamous Angel
Classic Rock/1968--Shakin' All Over
Baby Boomer Classics--Rockin' Sixties
Folk Rock Classics--30 Years of Great Folk Hits--Disk 3
Kudos Brand CD
PC Gamer--Disk 2.4--May 1996