MR2 Arrow Head Monster CD List
Renocraft: #146
Classic Rock--1968
Sounds of the Seventies--1975-1979
Folk 60's
Abba Gold--Greatest Hits
Sarah Brightman--La Luna
Priarocks: #147
Back to the 60's--Volume III
Arrow Head: #149
The Best of 60's Surf
Concrete Blonde--Recollection
Mustard Arrow: #150
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons--Second Edition:Dark Sun:Wake of the Ravager
Selketo: #151
Phantasmagoria--Disk 1 (PC)
Phantasmagoria--Disk 5 (PC)
Microsoft Works '95 (PC)
Microsoft Windows '95 Companion (PC)
Saga Frontier 2 (PSX)
Hoshi De Hakken!!Tamagotch (PSX JAPANESE)
Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within-- Disk 1 (PC)
Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within-- Disk 6 (PC)
Microsoft Explorapedia--The World of Nature (PC)
Creata Card Gold 2--Update (PC)
K-Tel/Today's Hot Country--1992
AT&T Worldnet Service (PC)
Kiplinger TaxCut Deluxe 2000 (PC)
Encarta '96 Encyclopedia (PC)
Encarta '97 Encyclopedia Deluxe--Disk 1 (PC)
Encarta '97 Encyclopedia Deluxe--Disk 2 (PC)
Under A Killing Moon--Disk 2 (PC)
Escape From Monkey Island--Disk 1 (PC)
Compuserve CD-- Issue #196W (PC)
PC Magazine CD--Spring 1995 (PC)
CD-Rom Today--The Disc!--#18, December 1995 (PC)
CD-Rom Today--The Disc!--#21, March 1996 (PC)
CD-Rom Today--The Disc!--#22, April 1996 (PC)
PC Gamer--Disk 2.9, October 1996 (PC)
Software Toolworks--CD Deluxe Pack 4 (PC)
Club KidSoft--Volume 2, Issue 4 (PC)
Microsoft Cinemania '94 (PC)
Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia--1996 (PC)
Microsoft Encarta '95 (PC)
 Log Sawer: #152
Only Rock 'N Roll--1975-1979