MR2 Ape Monster CD List

Rock Ape: #360
Alison Krauss--Now That I've Found You

Gibberer: #361
Morgan's Trivia Machine (PC)
Graduation M--Disk 1 (PSX JAPANESE)
Ace of Base--The Sign
Mary Chapin Carpenter--Come On Come On
Inca (PC)
Blondie--The Best of Blondie
MSN Internet Access--Version 2.6 (PC) 2.3 (PC)
Star Wars--Yoda Stories (PC)
The Magic Death--Virtual Murder 2 (PC)
Buz Drive Installation CD--Disk 2--Version 1.1 (PC)

Bossy: #362
Princess Mononoke Soundtrack

Tropical Ape: #363
Pod (PC)
Breath of Fire 3 (PSX)

Ape: #364
Princess Maker: Faery Tales Come True (PSX JAPANESE)
Sarah Brightman--The Songs That Got Away
Common Thread--The Songs of the Eagles