This is the Main Screen In-Game.  Every Human Player turn, you'll see this screen.
The Top Left box shows howmany out of the total 96 turns you have completed, as well as the current month, day, and day of the week.
The top right box shows the first and last name of the girl who's turn it is, her age, blood type, birthsign, and money to spend.
The most important box however is the one at the bottom left of the screen.
The first option in the first column lets you roll the die and take your turn.(Sometimes you'll be allowed to roll 2) Use the directional buttons to move up, down, left, and right along the paths.
Little arrows surrounding your girl show which directions you can go from that space.
The ususal arrows are red, but there is always a Blue arrow that will show which will get you to the assigned landmark fastest.

There are 5 spaces you can land on:

From L to R:
Mystery Space: You can find items, meet random people, and battle, or occasionally nothing.
Church Space: You can rest up, and sometimes work here for cheap
School Space: You can have the little girl learn things to raise stats here.
Job Space: Your little girl can earn money and sometimes stats by working here.
Item Space: You can buy items from merchants here.
When deciding where to land your person on the map, you can see where you are (if you can read Japanese) in the box that appears in the bottom right corner:

The second option in the first column lets you access your inventory and equip, wear, and use items. To use or wear an item, press O as shown in the box:

The third option in the First Column lets you talk to your daughter.  This can sometimes help her relieve her stress:

The first option in the second column lets you go to the In-game Options:

The top option lets you save/ load,
Save, on top;Load, on bottom.

The Second option lets you Change Uz/Cube,
The third option lets you ???,
and the fourth option lets you ???.
The Second option in the Second Column lets you fly around as your guide and view the entire world map:

On the map, a red flag as shown above marks the assigned location.
Lastly, the third option in the second column lets you look at the little girls' statistics:

These are her stats(translations coming).  The box in the lower right corner does, from top to bottom:
Shows Skills Statistics
Shows Personal Statistics

See Statistics of Another Girl
Exit the Statistics Screen

You start at Age 10 and continue to play for 96 turns, until Age 18, in which the game ends after the last landmark announced before the girl turned 18 is reached by someone (otherwise you can make the game go on FOREVER!!!).  Then you get an Ending!  Check my Ending Pictures List for all the endings I managed to get! :)
When the Landmark is reached, your Guide will give you two options.  Choose the first one to save your game (for the Photo Album) or the second option to not save.


Be sure to go to school and work at as many jobs as possible (except if stress is high) to raise stats. Stats are very important in initiating events, getting pictures, and of course the endings! Some stats help in battle, too.  Sometimes I think that they change the conversations a little, but since I can't read Japanese (just my sister, who sometimes helps me) I have no idea if it's true.

There IS some voice in this game! In battle, the girl's talk, and when you choose the option to talk to her, she'll talk.  They seem to be the only people who talk at all in this game!  But I might have missed something, too.

I only own the Playstation version of this game, so I'm not sure of any differences between this version and the PC version.  Sorry! :(

When rolling the die for work or school, you may be given multiple dice to add up.  Also, sometimes when rolling the die to see how many moves you make on your turn, you may get to roll the die of another player, as well as yours!

When rolling the die for school, the number on the die I think splits up the amount of days the total tuition is paid.
When rolling for a job, the number you roll determines how many days you'll be working; the greater the number, the better!

Sometimes while adventuring, your daughter may have the option to visit you at the Home space.  Choose the first option to go home and the bottom one to stay where you are.

Well, now you know how to handle all the basics.  Any questions, you know how to get in touch with me. ^-^